YG-168-3 Metal Binding Machine Automatically Financial Credentials, Document, Binding Machine Files 220V 180W

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  • Brand Name: LZHZXY
  • Model Number: YG-168-3
  • Condition: New
  • Type: Electric wire binding machine
  • Name: Electric wire binding machine
  • Rated voltage: 220V
  • Rated power: 180W
  • Maximum binding thickness: 80mm
  • Aperture: 4mm
  • Gross weight: 6.5 kg
  • product number: FL1265

YG-168-3 Metal Binding Machine Automatically Financial Credentials,
Document, Binding Machine Files 220V 180W
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Technical Parameters: Model: YG-168-3 Product Name: Electric wire binding machine Maximum binding thickness: 80mm Aperture: 4mm Rated power: 180W Rated voltage: 220V Gross Weight: 6.5 kg Plate length: 31cm (just can put A4 paper) Features: Yun-wide 168-type desktop electric automatic belt binding machine is currently on the market of electric binding machine mainstream products, the machine has an automatic power, with automatic line, with a reliable line. Binding ultra-thickness, binding point selection of freedom, perforation and with the line punching binding dual-use and so on. Yunguang company accumulated more than 10 years of production experience and integrated design, use 180W miniature high-performance low-noise motor for the combination of power source, to ensure that the machine performance is good, reliable quality, affordable, so you choose no worries. This machine is all enterprises and institutions to order all kinds of documents, books, books, notes and other paper materials, a good assistant! YG-168-3 binding machine to use: Binding method: When the binding, the presser foot wheel clockwise rotation to raise the presser foot, the binding material into the presser foot, the selected position to release the presser foot wheel automatically pressed, and then press the footrest in the counterclockwise direction ~ 180 ° or so locked, and then set the needle handle to counterclockwise rotation, set the needle through the material. When the penetrate in place, the lead arm will automatically hang the line hanging in the hook line, then up the handle, the needle out at the same time, the gutter will follow the binding material, the clockwise release Press the foot hand wheel, complete a needle binding, repeat the above procedures, legislation can be completed binding task. On the needle method: Loosen the setscrews on the needle holder, remove the needle holder, hang the hook on the tail of the set needle, and keep it in the vertical position. Insert the needle fitting into the staple, The fixing screw is tightened Troubleshooting and detection 1. If the motor is smoky or smelly, replace the motor. 2. If the power switch indicator light, the motor sound is sound, the drill does not drill, the belt is too loose, adjust it, if damaged, please replace the belt. (Belt position on the machine top cover can be seen) 3. If the power switch indicator does not light, replace the power switch. 4. If the motor is weak or the motor does not turn no smell, no damage is the case of carbon brush damage, please replace the carbon brush, the specific operation see the third page of the manual. 5. If the motor sound is noisy, open the top cover and add lubricant to the belt shaft. 6. For the needle when the pressure in the end, crochet to be lower than the chassis 1mm, just crochet hook and parallel to the chassis. 7. Switch uninterrupted power switch is too long, the tongue next to the screws, blue plastic thread tightening. Note: If you have any questions about our products, or what other things do you want to know ,please contact us ,thank you.

Unit Type piecePackage Weight 8.5kg (18.74lb.)Package Size 25cm x 34cm x 50cm (9.84in x 13.39in x 19.69in)

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