Date: December 10, 2009

First of all, the external finish is absolutely sublime, the Cables are not only nice to look at there are absolutely fantastic to listen to.
The XLR cable simply brought life to our listening session; the stage suddenly became wider and deeper and we could hear real music…
Life literally took place right in front of us on the music of Anne Bisson "Blue Mind" album , She was there, standing at 2 meters from us, singing just like if we were in a private show.
The sound was magic, this cable is excelling in delivering high resolution.
For the AC Cable, the first thing we notice is that the base stops sounding round and becomes very precise right from when I pressed play on my CD player.

Words to describe my experience: Absolutely faboulous!

Alain Provencher, CD1
Technnicien en balistique| Balistic technician

Tout d'abord, la finition externe des produits est à mon avis sublime, les câbles sont impressionnants à regarder mais surtout à écouter. Le Câble XLR a apporté énormément de vie à notre écoute, l'image est soudainement devenu plus large et plus profonde. 
La vie s'est littéralement emparée de la musique, Anne Bisson sur son album "Blue mind" se tenait là, à 2 mètres de nous, à chanter comme si nous étions à un spectacle privé. 
Le son était magique, le câble a un excellent pouvoir de restitution.
Pour le cordon secteur, la première chose que nous remarquons avec ce cordon est que la basse est plus précise, les rondeurs sont immédiatement disparues lors de l'écoute.  

Mot : pour décrire mon expérience avec les câbles. Absolument fabuleux!

I must say that I am completely amazed and overwhelmed by the quality and sound of your products.

First I tried the Figaro hybrid interconnects between my Audio Research Reference CD 7 and my Audio Research Reference 3 Pre-amp. Wow! Dynamics, speed, depth and width all improved.... A lot! I couldn't believe how much music was missing all the time before I got my Figaros. I thought my Stealth Indras couldn't be beaten at any price. Boy was I wrong! That brought me to inquire about the Figaro speaker cables. After consultation with the knowledgeable staff at Figaro Cables, it was suggested that I use the all silver Figaro speaker cable. Well, a good thing just got better. I got even more of what had been missing.

My extreme bewilderment and curiosity of such a fine product line lead me to search into what other products this little known company, to me, had to offer. I was told they make revolutionary step-up transformer cables that I was told was to be used instead with a pre-amp. I was told that this allows the pure delivery of the signal from the source (Turntable) to the pre-amplifier without hundreds or thousands of signal path changes, tubes, resistors, capacitors.... etc. that are in a phono stage pre-amp.

I figured since their other products amazed me and were of the highest build quality, that it couldn't hurt to give this unique component an audition.

It took a whole 30 seconds for the jaw dropping experience to happen.

Never have I heard anything that brings the instruments and voices so close to you like real live music. The impact and energy that this step-up transformer unleashed was unreal, or rather, it actually was very real- as real as it can get next to a live performance.

The Audio Research PH-7 phono stage (that was demonstrated to me ) used alone without the step-up cables paled in comparison and seemed almost dark or veiled. As good as the PH-7 is, as any audiophile knows, the Figaro step-up transformer improved it in all aspects. What a fine audio product.

I have finally reached "Audio Nirvana" the only thing better is to have my own personal band play for me.  
 I never thought this could be possible, that is, until I found Figaro.
You owe it to yourself to find out more about this great new company.
 Thank you to the folks at Figaro Cables.

Doctor of Dental Surgery
Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
Diplomat of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine
Member of the Canadian Sleep Society

"These are my new Phono Cables" Marlen pointed to the pair on the bench when I noticed immediately that there was definite difference from the interconnect and speaker cables I have tried and loved so much in my main system about two moths ago.

"This is the MC step-up transformer version and the step-up transformers are built right in the cable so now you can run these cables out of your MM phono preamp right to your turntable with the transformers built right in the cable. I also have a version with and actual active phono preamplifier built right into the cable.

 I thought this trough for a few minutes and realized what a brilliant concept this was in the evolution of phono preamplification. Wow, having your phono preamp as close as possible proximity to your cartridge is the optimum set up for any vinyl lover. You eliminate an extra set of interconnects and a cable that would have to run from your preamp to your step-up and then again to your turntable.

From the start of the first track I was in total awe of the sonic qualities of this setup. Speed, clarity, detail and soundstage well surpassed any 10K phono stage I have heard. This solid state phono preamp was so warm and delicate and the sibilance's and detail was so accurate and life like that by the time I got off the couch it was close to 5:00pm.

"Bravo Marlen for an incredible achievement in sonic reproduction of recorded music" Yes, this is not as much a revolution but the next evolution in phono preamplification.

The Active and Step-Up Phono cable from Blueberry Hill Audio is simply a brilliantly conceived and executed product with outstanding sonic qualities and a must audition for any serious vinyl lover!

George Tordai, Audio Oasis, Toronto, Canada.
June 12, 2009