...For those of you who have read my reviews over the past 30 years, you know I am not given to hype and I am very hard to impress. However, the sound of the Rhapsody Speakers did impress me. This is one of my closest encounters to experiencing sound so close to the live performance via speakers. The dynamic range, the air around the voices and instruments, the way the leading edges were rendered and the tuneful way that the bass was reproduced really did sound very close to the real thing. And here is the kicker, the Rhapsody retails for $25,000. I have no hesitation in proclaiming that these speakers were better in most respects than many of the speakers I have reviewed and heard that carry a 6-figure price tag.  Even if you have a 6-figure budget, I would strongly recommend that you listen to the Rhapsody Speakers before you pull the trigger. You could end up with speakers that satisfy you in every respect and still have enough money left over to splurge on a fully loaded BMW 3 series.

Blueberry Hill Audio’s more affordable Nocturne Speakers are priced at $15,000 and although I did not hear them, Marlen claims that they have the same tonal characteristics as the Rhapsody Speakers. If that is true, it would make them an incredible bargain as well.




...The price is $14,900/pair, factory-direct, and, just looking at the components used and the construction—never mind the sound—if the speaker sold through normal retail channels the price would be easily double that.  And what about the sound? Clean, wide-ranging (claimed to go down to 12Hz), ultra-quick, with startling dynamics. Most definitely one of the best sounds of the show.
STEREOPHILE    by Robert Deutsch. 

...They need to be seen to be believed, and then they need to be heard to be believed. The bottom section (which is optional, but we don't see the point of omitting it) includes two subwoofers, servo-controlled, facing each other, one looking up, the other looking down. They produce power, but it's controlled power. The midrange is bipolar (there's a second driver at the rear), and all the drivers can be oriented or moved back and forth individually. The result is awesome.
      Where are these speakers made? Toronto. Where are they sold? You  buy from the manufacturer.

UHF magazine.


From part 3 of review by Marc Philip, Magazine Audio, Published February 2010.
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  "The EVO-V Blueberry Hill Audio is the best you can get if your intention is to get all the musicality from your vinyl records, I do not see any other product that will dethrone EVO-V, it is regarded as a reference in the field of analog high-end...."

Blueberry Hill Audio Cables - Part 1
In English:
In French:
by Marc Philip, Magazine Audio. Published November 2, 2009
Part one of our comparative test with cables Blueberry Hill Audio.

It is rare, as it is an almost unique for a manufacturer to invite us to compare his work and to compete without restriction and accepts our conclusions…

The trials:

Here are the points we set out to verify. Were the timbres natural? Were dynamics coupled with good tonal balance? The goal was to get a satisfyingly musical sound without any ifs, ands or buts.

Therefore I don't want to hear any aggressiveness or frequency bumps, for example a forward upper midrange at the limit of aggressiveness which would give the illusion of extended dynamics, or huge bass which overpowers the rest of the sonic spectrum and gives the impression of slowness, or a bass cutoff which gives a false impression of speed.
In conclusion, we need to hear a message which is musical and in phase, which means that all frequencies have to arrive at the speakers at the same time.

Marc Philip, publisher Magazine Audio

The most obvious effect was that the music emerged from a quieter background with greater clarity. I've heard this kind of thing before but this time it was really pronounced. The differences turned out to be much larger than I had anticipated.It is difficult to quantify sonic improvement of my system with the set of Blueberry Hill Audio cables, but it was significantly higher then 10%.    I'll say   25%.

The opinion of Jean-Marc (Montreal), user / tester

This setup from Blueberry Hill Audio gave us an astonishingly balanced sound right away, a control of the whole spectrum, along with very impressive dynamics.

As soon as the Blueberry Hill cables were connected we asked ourselves where the speakers had disappeared to.
In conclusion we might mention detail, openness, exceptional voices, dynamics, all together with a fine tonal balance; in short, if you can afford them, it would be a good idea to listen to listen to the Blueberry Hill Audio cables before you replace the ones you have now.
The opinion of Yves Coulombe, (Center of Quebec), user/tester

Blueberry Hill Audio Cables - Part 2

by Marc Philip, Magazine Audio. Published November 9, 2009

Part two of our comparative test with cables Blueberry Hill Audio.

REVIEWS (part 3):
by Marc Philip, Magazine Audio. Published February 2010

  1. "The system EVO-I proved best in terms of dynamics, tonal balance and quality of timbre ....."
  2. "The EVO-V has a breathtaking dynamic ability ....., far superior to anything we have ever compared with........."

The sound difference between the EVO V-Blueberry Hill Audio vs. Audio-PS was very important ... more space between the instrument, much less background noise, a low-level cell (SUT forces) were able to get an amazing dynamic, with low solid digging to infinity, a brief listen very realistic and alive that we hang the smile which no one knows where the first measure.


Claude Turcotte said :
Marc Philip made a set of cables from the Blueberry Hill Audio line available to me about six weeks ago. He did the same with a set from another manufacturer just a few days ago.

The ones I fell in love with were from Blueberry Hill. After several hundred hours of listening, they are still a reference!

With the Blueberry Hill cables installed in my system, I finally found what I’d been looking for these last ten years: perfect timbres, deep, solid, articulate bass with authority and sweetness when required, highs that were precise and detailed without being aggressive and the most important thing for me, a midrange placed well forward, centered and realistic.

Suddenly the loudspeakers disappeared and music, not sounds, had pride of place.

Marc Philip said:
Follow the melody line faithfully, hear each sound with ease from the softest to the loudest, no matter what kind of system it was—within the limits of each system’s resolving power, this is what the Blueberry Hill cables let us do.

Even in a modest system, these new cables clearly made their contribution, even more than I had hoped.

The slight bloom was considerably reduced; the layering of the soundstage was three-dimensional to a disconcerting degree. How do they manage to get so many sounds out of such a system? And what to say about the background noise level, so low it was almost imperceptible?

Consequently, because of their perfect tonal and dynamic balance, the Blueberry Hill Audio cables take their place as an editorial reference. This is the first REFERENCE citation we have awarded to a manufacturer in 2009. Bravo, Mr. Mogilever!

Review was published in French but can be translated in any language through Magazine Audio built-in online   translation service through GOOGLE.  

Magazine Audio (www.magazineaudio.com ) published interview with designer Marlen Mogilever and reviewed and published the first & second part of the review.

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