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NOCTURNE* monitor Speaker System

NOCTURNE monitor Speaker System is full range, bipolar and adjustable Speaker System.

NOCTURNE monitor Speaker System in each channel employs two 6.5" full range drivers and one super tweeter driver. All drivers are internally wired to dedicated speaker terminals for direct coupling with amplifier(s) without crossovers. Parallel connected full range drivers raise the system sensitivity to 98 db.
All internal wiring uses proprietary, hand made cables, utilizing purest (.999) silver conductors and unbleached cotton dielectric.   
One of two in-face connected, full range drivers in each speaker, is positioned in the front of a dedicated sealed enclosure. The second driver is positioned in the back. Back to back placement of identical drivers connected in-face eliminates vibration in a sealed, horizontally placed full range enclosure.
One of the most important specifications of an audio driver is angle of horizontal
dispersion.  Midrange drivers have an angle of horizontal dispersion significantly larger than tweeters. In all existing Hi-End Stereo Systems - the midrange and tweeter drivers position is locked. Toeing-in speakers in the search for the best tweeter performance - imaging, sound stage, depth, etc. can degrade the performance of midrange driver(s) and visa versa. Therefore, midrange and tweeter drivers must have the option of being independently adjustable.
After placement in the listening area, the NOCTURNE Monitor Speaker System can and should be “tuned” to optimal listener(s) requirements by adjusting and locking the horizontal position of midrange and super tweeter enclosures.
Time alignment can also be optimized by adjusting and locking position of the super tweeter driver, inside the enclosure.


NOCTURNE monitor speaker system specifications:

System type                                            - full range, bipolar
System sensitivity                                   - 98 db @ 1M - 1 watt
System power requirements                   - 8 watt - 250 watt
Total system frequency response          - 50HZ - 35 KHZ
Super tweeter specifications:

Type                                                       - top mount horn with time alignment capability    
Power requirements (if bi-amp.)             - 20 - 100 watt
Impedance (if bi-amp.)                            - 8 ohms 
Enclosure                                                - horizontally adjustable
Crossover                                               - capacitor
Internal wiring                - proprietary, hand made cables, utilizing purest (.999)
                                         silver conductors and unbleached cotton dielectric                                                                                 

Full range module specifications:

Full range drivers                                      - 6.5", two per channel, facing front and back
Connection type                                        - in face
Impedance                                                - 4 ohms
Enclosure                                                  - sealed, horizontally adjustable
Crossover                                                  - none
Internal wiring                             - proprietary, hand made cables, utilizing purest (.999)
                                                      silver conductors and unbleached cotton dielectric
Dimensions                                                - 14"W x 21"D x 47"H
Weight                                                        - 51 lbs each speaker

System shipped in 2 crates.  
Price - $6,990.00 Canadian Dollars for 2 speakers, FOB Toronto, Canada.

* All NOCTURNE Speaker System enclosures are made from Russian Baltic Birch plywood - the most vibration resistant and sonically neutral material available.

  There are 6 finishing colors available.


All systems show are finished in NATURAL GOLD - custom ($500.00 extra) for color finishing.