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NOCTURNE in 3D is a MODULAR, FULL RANGE, BIPOLAR and ADJUSTABLE Speaker System with self powered, direct servo sub woofer.

...The price is $14,900/pair, factory-direct, and just looking at the components used and the construction—never mind the sound—if the speaker sold through normal retail channels the price would be easily double that.  And what about the sound? Clean, wide-ranging (claimed to go down to 12Hz), ultra-quick, with startling dynamics. Most definitely one of the best sounds of the show. 

STEREOPHILE    by Robert Deutsch. 


...They need to be seen to be believed, and then they need to be heard to be believed. The bottom section (which is optional, but we don't see the point of omitting it) includes two subwoofers, servo-controlled, facing each other, one looking up, the other looking down. They produce power, but it's controlled power. The midrange is bipolar (there's a second driver at the rear), and all the drivers can be oriented or moved back and forth individually. The result is awesome.
Where are these speakers made? Toronto. Where are they sold? You buy from the manufacturer.

UHF magazine.

NOCTURNE in 3D Speaker System employs two 6.5" full range drivers and one super tweeter in each channel. All drivers are internally wired to dedicated speaker terminals for direct coupling with amplifier(s) without crossovers. Parallel connected full range drivers raise system sensitivity to 98 db. All internal wiring uses proprietary, hand made cables, utilizing purest (.999) silver conductors and unbleached cotton dielectric.   
One of two in-face connected, full range drivers in each speaker positioned in the front of a dedicated enclosure. The second driver is positioned in the back of the enclosure. Back to back placement of identical drivers connected in-face eliminates vibration in a sealed, horizontally placed full range enclosure.      
NOCTURNE in 3D Speaker System employs self powered, direct servo sub woofer module. This module consist of two direct servo 8.5" drivers. Each driver is horizontally positioned in a sealed dedicated enclosure 3" apart and facing each other. Both sub woofer enclosures are joined and are half-closed in the back by the amplifier cabinet. The connected in-face sub woofer drivers, placed face to face, eliminates vibration in each of the two sealed, vertically positioned sub woofer enclosures. Combined movements of all NOCTURNE in 3D drivers makes the speakers vibration free.

Sub woofer module of NOCTURNE in 3D Stereo System is powered by 600 watt direct servo amplifier - 300 watt per each driver. Drivers are connected in-face and when active, create a "piston" like motion towards each other, forcing the sub woofer to perform significantly faster.
Direct servo amplifier performance can be fully adjusted via dedicated fine tuning control knobs - volume, phase delay, cross over, bass and slop frequency.
NOCTURNE sub woofer is an essential part of NOCTURNE in 3D Stereo System but as independent module, can be used with any existing stereo system.
One of the most important specifications of an audio driver is the angle of horizontal dispersion. Midrange drivers have an angle of horizontal dispersion significantly larger than tweeters. In all existing Hi-End Stereo Systems - the midrange and tweeter drivers position is locked. Toeing-in speakers in the search for the best tweeter performance - imaging, sound stage, depth, etc. can degrade the performance of midrange driver(s) and visa versa. Therefore, midrange and tweeter drivers must have the option of being independently adjustable.
After placement in the listening area, the NOCTURNE in 3D Stereo System,  can and should be "tuned" to optimal listener(s) requirements by adjusting and locking the horizontal position of midrange and super tweeter  enclosures.
Time alignment can also be optimized by adjusting and locking position of the super tweeter driver, inside the enclosure.

 NOCTURNE in 3D speaker system specifications:

System type                                            - full range, bipolar
System sensitivity                                   - 98 db @ 1M - 1 watt
System power requirements                   - 8 watt - 250 watt
Total system frequency response           - 12 HZ - 35 KHZ


Super tweeter specifications:

Type                                                      - top mount horn with time alignment capability    
Power requirements (if bi-amp.)            - 20 - 100 watt
Impedance (if bi-amp.)                          - 8 ohms 
Enclosure                                             - horizontally adjustable
Crossover                                            - capacitor
Internal wiring                                 - proprietary, hand made cables, utilizing purest  
                                                         (.999) silver conductors and unbleached cotton dielectric.
Full range module specifications:

Full range drivers                                      - 6.5", two per channel, facing front and back
Connection type                                        - in-face
Impedance                                                 - 4 ohms
Enclosure                                                  - sealed, horizontally adjustable
Crossover                                                 - none
Internal wiring                                    - proprietary, hand made cables, utilizing purest
                                                            (.999) silver conductors and unbleached cotton dielectric

Sub woofer module specifications:

Drivers type                                            - direct servo controlled                                                      
Size                                                        - 8.5", two per channel
Position                                                   - horizontal, facing each other, 3" apart
Amplifier type                                          - class "D", direct servo controlled
Amplifier power                                       - 600 watt per channel
Frequency range                                     - 12 HZ - 120 HZ, adjustable
Enclosures                                               - one per driver, two per channel, sealed
Dimensions                                            - 14"W x 21"D x 48"H
Weight                                                   - 115 lbs each speaker

System shipped in 3 crates - sub woofer modules - 2 crates, 2 full range modules - 1 crate.  
Price - $14,990.00 Canadian Dollars for 2 speakers, FOB Toronto, CANADA.
* All NOCTURNE Speaker System enclosures are made from Russian Baltic Birch plywood - the most vibration resistant and sonically neutral material available.


There are 6 finishing colors available.


All systems show are finished in NATURAL GOLD - custom ($500.00 extra) for color finishing.