September 28 - October 1, 2012

T.A.V.E.S. Best In Show



...Blueberry Hill Audio was one of the most dynamic presentations, with crazy realism, and bass that was moving air in the room. Very cool.

...Blueberry Hill. By a country mile. Especially with vinyl... that was second to none. blueberry Hill make cables. What made the room to sound so good?
Their cables or the gear?

...Blueberry Hill room was bestest to my ears.

...Blueberry Hill - best sound featuring an analogue source, fascinating speakers of their own design.

...Blueberry Hill audio certainly had one of the more interesting set-ups with very high sensitivity loudspeakers (100 db) driven with 300B mono blocks. Woofer section had built in amplification. Full-range Fostex drivers and no passive crossover save one cap to feed the domed tweeter. Beautiful craftsmanship. Wonderful sound with great dynamics. Hard to beat that single-ended, directly heated cathode sound.

...Blueberry Hill ... by a long shot... was the very best sound at the show. I went back 3 times and was excited to see that his room was always full and people were sitting down, listening, and.... staying. Even walking the halls between rooms I heard several people commenting on the sound from that room. That in itself says it all. Nowhere else at the show did I see that type of response to any product. Hats off to a very fine intelligent gentleman for designing and executing a speaker that can turn the "Big Gun Audio Machine" on it's collective ear. By waltzing in and unquestionably showing everyone else up, Marlen, should be lauded and applauded. A sensible design approach that nulls resonance, addresses time alignment, and features high efficiency and ultra low bass. Kudos to you Sir.

...The midrange and tweeter driver combination positions are infinitely adjustable, height, toe in, and front to back alignment.
The resonance is nulled by the use of Baltic birch face laminated together which creates an extremely high mass, density, and stiffness so very little cabinet excitement is possible, unlike many MDF designs which resonate like crazy. Also the lack of cabinet box diffraction due to the fact that there are no boxes.
All of these factors make it a sensible design.

...That speaker system, placed in your own room, and tuned to perform in said room, would be killer. It has me re-thinking my setup.

...Of everything I have read I can only say that the Blueberry Hill Audio speakers are probably the only thing I would have been interested in.

...While I did not attend I have been interested in the response this speaker design has made. It is great to see a design that flies in the face of traditional audiophile thinking shine so well. Those who have read my posts know that I am a huge fan of upward firing bass drivers ( I use several ) rear firing drivers, seperate cabs for each driver giving the ability to adjust distances from listeners, speakers that excite the room, speakers with wide dispersion patterns, active bass cabs, fullrange drivers, OMNI speakers and other far more unpopular ideas.
I also wonder if in days gone by this speaker would have got the recognition it appears to deserve. The Internet has allowed the audiophiles that attended and heard this speaker to get word out ahead of the critics. I doubt that years ago when the mags and reviewers had all the power of words that this speaker and its unconvential design would have faired as well.
marc mc

...but by FAR, Blueberry hill audio takes the cake for Best of show and sound... Makes me rethink why I'm using ML's and not these... very impressive! Kudos to BHA and the designer!

...Mike Brown.....'Blueberry Hill room-best sound featuring analog source'

...Blueberry Hill - excellent

...Blueberry Hill is still in a class of its own ... those are very special speakers

...Once again the Blueberry Hill room was outstanding. Hitting some truly seismic bass on an unidentified drumming track that shook the walls and almost the whole hotel floor.

...Blueberry Hill. Got there fairly early on in the day and was treated to something special. I can only imagine what Marlen's concoctions would sound like in a proper room.

...The Blueberry Hill Room is definitely worth checking out......the owner has invested decades of research and has achieved an outstanding outcome.....very dynamic....amazingly realistic bass.....closest thing to live music at the show......IMO

...The Blueberry Hill room was spinning vinyl when I visited. The sound was phenomenal -- incredible bass!

...Blueberry Hill Audio:
I asked Gerard what room he though I should spend some serious time in, and he suggested Blueberry Hill Audio's room. He was right of course, the room was really fun. The speakers sounded superb, and the servo controlled subs were tighter than tight

...Regarding the Blueberry hill room:
I did not find it harsh, nor did my 16 year old daughter (who just had her ears professionally cleaned that morning). She insisted on going back to the blueberry hill room "to hear what something good sounds like" before we left.
She hated almost everything, except Blueberry Hill. To her, most of the music was lifeless and boring.

...When I had the opportunity to leave my booth (Krolo Design-racks) and visit some of the rooms to hear what they had. Blueberry Hill Audio was a far superior natural sounding room which I had to visit as often as I could. We have to thank Marlen for his great efforts in design, manufacturing, and setting up his room to share with us his passion. Many thanks to him.

...Blueberry Hill Audio won best of the show for me and it was where I spent the last hour of the show.


...Again obviously the BHA designer felt that active cross for mids and highs was something of a compromise compared to passive or else he likely would have employed it. Maybe we should fire him an e-mail to find out. Im'e sure he would be happy to hear about all the Taves attendees singing his praises.

...Did anyone else notice the cabling? That is a BHA specialty. I commented on this last year as well. Build quality looks similar to world reference class from other companies. But pricing is down to earth. Even cheaper for half price at the show.
...It wasn't just the speakers that made things sound so good. It was a complete system. Reference level silver cabling, interconnect, speaker and ac. The use of single ended tube amps. (my favourite) And no active gain stage or active crossover mucking up the critical low level signals feeding mids and highs.
Just pure, single ended, passive, and direct...musical nirvana.

...Your as good as your weakest link, and BHA (Blueberry Hill Audio) makes sure there are none.