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    FIGARO USB cable

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FIGARO USB and FIGARO BASIS USB cables are a break-through interconnects between computer output and input of any existing DAC with built in or external audio interface. NONE of existing USB cables will transmit audio signal with an accuracy and precision of FIGARO USB and FIGARO BASIS USB cables.
FIGARO USB and FIGARO BASIS USB cables are 100% hand crafted using only bare fine purest (.999) silver wire and pure unbleached cotton dielectric.
Every existing USB 2.0 cable, in compliance with protocol, consists of four conductors. Two of the conductors are responsible for transmitting data and two for transmitting power. Because of their placement in all existing cables, conductors responsible for transmitting power corrupt audio data signal during transmission. As a result existing USB 2.0 cables are not suitable for accurate and precision audio data transmission.
By using FIGARO USB and FIGARO BASIS USB cables, computer becomes one of the most sonically desirable, convenient and affordable front end of any Hi-Fi stereo system.

  1. Hand polished Fine silver conductors.
  2. Pure unbleached cotton dielectric.
  3. Two level conductor placing (FIGARO only).
  4. Combination of single and multi strand conductors.
  5. Proprietary geometry.            
  6. Air sealed construction.
  7. Anti-vibration polyurethane core inside of the cables (FIGARO only).
  8. Gold plated input and output connectors.
  9. Very light weight and excellent flexibility.
Completely “broken-in” and demagnetized prior to the shipping.

FIGARO USB silver cable, model - FSUSB, 3 feet long  350.00 $Can.
Each extra foot - + 100.00 $Can.

FIGARO BASIS USB cable, model - FBSUSB, 3 feet long  250.00 $Can.
Each extra foot - + 50.00 $Can.
Maximum length for FIGARO USB and FIGARO BASIS USB cables - 8 feet.