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The design of the RHAPSODY in 4D and NOCTURNE in 3D Speaker Systems is based on the same principles -  MODULAR DESIGN, FULL RANGE CONCEPT, BIPOLAR CONFIGURATION, self powered, direct servo SUB WOOFER and complete 3D   ADJUSTABILITY.

The MODULAR design of the speaker Systems is based on three independent modules:

1. Full range Speaker System - combination of full range and sub woofer modules.   
2. Monitor Speaker System - full range module on dedicated stand without sub woofer module.
3. Sub woofer - self powered direct servo sub woofer module.  


Both Speaker Systems employ FULL RANGE drivers, internally wired to dedicated speaker terminals for direct coupling with amplifier(s) without crossovers. Parallel connected FULL RANGE drivers raise the RHAPSODY in 4D System sensitivity to 100 db. and NOCTURNE in 3D System to 98 db. All internal wiring uses proprietary, hand made cables, utilizing purest (.999)  SILVER conductors and
unbleached COTTON dielectric.   


One of two in-face connected, full range drivers in each speaker positioned in the front of a dedicated enclosure. The second driver is positioned in the back of the enclosure. Back to back placement of identical drivers connected in-face eliminates vibration in a sealed, horizontally placed full range enclosure.       


Both Speaker Systems employs a SELF POWERED, direct servo SUB WOOFER module. 
This module consist of two drivers. Each driver is horizontally positioned in a sealed dedicated enclosure and facing each other. Both sub woofer enclosures are joined and are half closed in the back by the amplifier cabinet. Face to face placement connected in-face sub woofer drivers eliminates vibration in each of two sealed, vertically placed sub woofer enclosures. Combined movements of all drivers, employed in each of the systems, makes all speakers vibration free.
The Drivers are powered by direct servo amplifiers. Drivers are connected in-face and when active, create a "piston" like motion towards each other, forcing the sub woofer to perform significantly faster. Direct servo amplifier performance can be fully adjusted via dedicated multiple fine tuning control knobs. SUB WOOFERS are an essential part of both Stereo Systems but as an independent module, can be used with any existing stereo system.      


One of the most important specifications of an audio driver is angle of horizontal
dispersion.  Midrange drivers have an angle of horizontal dispersion significantly larger than tweeters. In all existing Hi-End Stereo Systems - the position of midrange and tweeter drivers is locked. Toeing-in speakers in the search for the best tweeter performance - imaging, sound stage, depth, etc. can degrade the performance of midrange driver(s) and visa versa. Therefore, midrange and tweeter drivers must have the option of being independently adjustable.
After placement in the listening area, both Speaker Systems CAN and SHOULD be "tuned" to optimal listener(s) requirements by adjusting and locking the horizontal position of midrange enclosure. Position of super tweeter enclosure can be adjusted and locked horizontally and vertically. Time alignment can also be optimized by adjusting and locking position of the super tweeter driver, inside the enclosure.
Philosophy of the design for the RHAPSODY and NOCTURNE speaker systems is based on 35 years of research and development.
None of existing stereo systems can deliver the same level of musical truth as RHAPSODY and NOCTURNE systems. 
Combination of Modular design, Full range concept, Bipolar configuration, Self Powered Direct Servo Sub Woofer and 3D Adjustability deliver the following characteristics:

startling dynamics
great imaging
wide sound stage
well controlled and extended bass
extreme neutrality
uncanny transparency
an extremely low noise floor
a very natural instrumental and voice timbre
an enormous dynamic range
an unprecedented wide and deep sound stage that  truly, must be heard to be believed! 

This virtually holographic performance guarantees deep emotional involvement and connection to the music within the vast soundstage without any fatigue over many listening hours.