Blueberry Hill Audio was established in 2006 for the sole purpose of creating superior components for Hi End audio playback systems. Actively involved in research, design and manufacturing stereo systems during the past 35 years, founder and principal designer, Marlen Mogilever*- Ph.D., dedicated his knowledge and experience to designing a revolutionary type Stereo Systems and Audio Cables - the most essential components in sound reproduction.

Extensive research in to the most important elements of cable design – conductors, dielectrics, geometry, vibration and corrosion-proofing, connectors, techniques of “breaking–in” and demagnetizing - resulted in the development of a new class of  audio cables - FIGARO.

The biggest performance improvement of any vinyl playback system can be achieved by passive or active amplification of the cartridge output signal using the shortest distance to the cartridge possible. As a result of this principal goal and our research and development, we invented a new class of audio component –THE ANALOG EVOLUTION line.

The ANALOG EVOLUTION line of audio components includes step-up phono transformers and preamplifiers fused to our FIGARO cables. As a result, new revolutionary audio components were born – STEP-UP ACTIVE PHONO CABLES.

One of the main achievements of the ANALOG EVOLUTION line of audio components is the ability to position them in the shortest distance to cartridges and therefore optimizing audio signal transmission before and after amplification without the involvement of cables and connectors.

            The Absolute Sound                 August  2006                                
Review By Jacob Heilbrunn                                                                                     
Sound Fusion Hyperion SF-81 Loudspeake

This is, without a doubt, an extremely pure performer. Right out of the box, excellent snap, pacing, and clarity distinguishes it from many passive loudspeakers. ..This is no demure wallflower, but a loudspeaker that loves to strut its stuff.

            The Absolute Sound                August  2006                                
Review By Jacob Heilbrunn                                                                           
Sound Fusion Titan SF-90 Subwoofer  

How did they sound? Staggering…. This isn’t a cuddlypiece, but an intimidating monster that blew me out of my seat.

20060006307 - System and method for attenuating mechanical vibrations


Marlen Mogilever*-Ph.D.