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In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different

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    FIGARO BASIS line stage interconnects

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    FIGARO BASIS power cord

Why Blueberry?

All products (except demo and used items) are covered by our 30-day in-home money back guarantee. Read more...
New revolutionary audio components.
Dedicated his knowledge and experience to designing a revolutionary type of audio cable - one of the most essential components in sound reproduction. Read more...

...Blueberryhill Audio had a new speaker on demo. And what a speaker!

....The sound was fabulous, with startling dynamics, great imaging, and bass that was tight, well-controlled, and extended. The Rhapsody 3D was being driven by an 8W 300B amp for the mid/highs. Sold factory-direct at $15,000/pair, the Rhapsody 3D system provided for me one of the best sounds of the show.

Robert Deutsch, STEREOPHILE , 3 october 2011

"Consequently, because of their perfect tonal and dynamic balance, the Blueberry Hill Audio cables take their place as an EDITORIAL REFERENCE. This is the first REFERENCE CITATION we have awarded to a manufacturer in 2009. Bravo, Blueberry Hill Audio!"

For the second time BHA has been awarded the Reference tag for its EVO-5 system.

by Marc Philip, Magazine Audio. Published November 9, 2009

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